Exciting News…

September 12, 2014

We are excited to announce that we are a leading 360 Yield Center™ dealer in central and eastern Indiana!

360 Yield Center


360 Yield Center™ puts YOU in control!   Our goal as a business partner aims to help farmers yield the most bushels per acre. 360 Yield Center™ creates opportunities to capture yield beyond the traditional forecasts assisting farmers in reaching the goal of yielding the most bushels per acre. Over 1,000 factors exist outside of a farmer’s control. This innovative system developed by Gregg Sauder, founder and former CEO of Precision Planting, will help limit these factors through a “from-the-roots-up” systems approach.  To learn more about our new secret to post-planting management, visit our 360 Yield Center™ webpage or call our office at 765.938.3000.