Liberty Link: Passing the Test

December 1, 2014

Earlier this year, I posted a blog about how impressed I was with the rapid kill by LibertyLink® in our soybean fields. It provided excellent control against the giant ragweed, burr cucumber and marestail.  I am excited to say we are finally through harvest and saw some tremendous results in yields on LibertyLink® soybeans this season.

Liberty LinkFour soybean pods were not a rarity in our fields. While I was sitting in the auger cart waiting for the combine to get back to my end of the field, I jumped out and surveyed a couple plants. I started looking the plants over and was amazed at the number of 4 bean pods I was finding. I pulled two plants up and raided them. The picture shows the number of 4 bean pods I pulled from those plants, which was 8 total between them.

We planted soybeans in both 15″ rows and 7.5″ drilled beans. It was split roughly 50/50. We planted 165,000 into the 15″ rows and went up to 175,000 to 185,000 in the drilled soybeans. We planted maturities ranging from 3.2 to 4.2, majority being in the 3.3 to 3.9 range. The soybean’s in this picture were FB 3919 L from 1st Choice Seeds. We figured up on Dad’s acres he made about 62 bushel/acre farm average. Last year, our R2Ys were around 59 bushel/acre. On my farm, I planted FB 3919 L and FB 4299 L. Last year, my R2Ys were in the 44 bushel/acre range. This year, I averaged 52 bushel/acre across all the soybean acres. We were very pleased.

In our test plot this year, we placed LibertyLink® soybean varieties against one another in our farm trial. We had 2.9 to 4.2 soybean in the plot. The plot ranged from 62.2 bushel/acre on the low end to 67.6 bushel/acre on the high end. Our experience this year was maturity didn’t matter as much, all soybeans performed to a full potential on our acres.

Looking forward into 2015, we are confident the genetics are there behind both Roundup® and LibertyLink® trait packages. However, we know we cannot fully rely on 1 of these 2 products and it takes a focused effort to prevent resistance in our soybean fields.


-Andrew Feller