Conventional Corn Hybrids

Yield, genetic diversity, agronomic characteristics and stability are attributes we consider on all of our hybrids. Our Conventional hybrids were developed thru traditional breeding methods as well as using new genetic marking technologies. Our Conventional lineup represents the highest yielding germplasm in the marketplace today. Our genetically diverse Conventional hybrids are suited for the multiple environments, management practices and marketing goals of the farms we sell. The seed parenting on these lines do not contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and may be suitable for a Non-GMO market for the Conventional corn grower.

FC 708 C 111 days

This brand new genetic line brings superior agronomic characteristics and versatility. Handles a wide variety of conditions and management styles; a must plant for the Conventiona1 grower.

  • Outstanding agronomic package and early vigor creates a plant anywhere hybrid
  • Medium tall with medium-high ear placement
  • Superior foliar health
  • Very good test weight and grain quality

FC 707 C 111 days

This plant is medium tall statured and well suited for average and lower yield environments. With FC 707 think versatility for your fields. It is breed for wildly variable soil types or the seasonal management challenges that swing from poorly drained to droughty soils.

  • Excellent yields for your average soils.
  • Typically 16-18 rows or grain on semi-flex ears
  • Very good natural corn borer tolerance
  • Exceptional late season intactness and staygreen
  • A must for the mid-season conventional program

FC 606 C 109 days

This is a brand new unique genetic platform is designed specifically for our region. Expect outstanding yields with exceptional drydown for your high management environments.

  • The top yielding hybrid this past season in its maturity zone.
  • Limited supply this first year as we ramp up.
  • Excellent high population tolerance
  • Highest top end yield potential
  • Medium plant with very good standability

FC 399 C 103 days

This germplasm family available in conventional corn with outstanding top end yield.

  • Medium tall hybrid with medium ear placement
  • Girthy semi-flex ear style, typically 16-18 kernel rows
  • Very good roots, good stalk, good late season intactness
  • Exceptional drydown
  • Performs best in its maturity zone

FC 805 C 112 days

A must use lead hybrid at 112 day RM for all farms planting mid-season corn. This widely adaptable germplasm was best of class rising to the top of the yield index in and out of stress in multiple environments.

  • Well adapted north to south in our market
  • Excellent test weights
  • Good late season intactness
  • Medium plant height with medium ear placement
  • Benefits from foliar fungicide

FC 652 C 110 days

This new Conventiona1 and Agrisure® hybrid has shown outstanding top end yield.

  • Outstanding vigor for early no-till planting
  • Excellent stalk strength for late season standability
  • Medium plant height with medium ear placement
  • Deep kernels, girthy semi-flex ear, good test weight

FC 506 C 106 days

Brand new germplasm family for this growing season. A Conventional hybrid with excellent southern movement outside its typical maturity zone.

  • A tall hybrid with medium ear placement
  • Semi-flex ear style, typically 16-18 kernel rows
  • Excellent root rating with very good stalks
  • Performs best in its maturity zone
  • Impressive yield history in high and average yield environments

FC 808 C 113 days

This strong class of germplasm rose to the top of our replicated and strip trials in the past two seasons. It is available as Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete® Corn, Genuity® VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® Corn, and Conventional Corn.  This hybrid is widely adaptable for all soils.

  • This is a shorter stature hybrid with a wide leaf that canopies quickly
  • Medium ear placement
  • This ear flexes on length and girth
  • Excellent test weight grain

FC 812 C 113 days

Unrelated backgrounds in this RM range from our other high yielding choices allow your farm to diversify your genetic families with this outstanding performer.

  • Exceptional late season plant health and intactness
  • Medium tall robust plant style with medium ear placement
  • Long tapered flex ear style
  • Has shown very good drought tolerance
  • Very good test weights on this genetic family

FC 690 C 110 days

A step change in yield on this 110 day RM germplasm family with Genuity® VT Double PRO® Corn, Roundup Ready® Corn 2,  and Conventional corn options.

  • Very good stalk and roots for later harvest order
  • Medium plant stature with medium ear placement
  • Consistent ears with attractive fall appearance
  • Widely adaptable for its RM
  • In 2012 stress year and 2013 high yield year this hybrid consistently outperformed all other 110 day hybrids

FC 595 C 108 days

New High Yielding Conventional Hybrid! Tops the charts for intactness and a fall appearance. Plant FC 595 C and enjoy the view from the combine in the fall.

  • Medium plant height with medium ear placement
  • Superior roots with excellent stalk strength and foliar health
  • Consistent ear with deep kernels
  • Good southern movement for maturity

FC 176 C 99 days

This early genetic family exhibits good southern movement for its maturity on highly productive and moderately productive soils.

  • Impressive yield for its maturity
  • Medium tall statured with medium high ear placement
  • Long tapered ear style with great ability to flex
  • Superior roots with good stalks for its zone
  • Start harvest early with the newest germplasm available in this RM