Glyphosate Tolerant Corn Hybrids

In the late 90’s, a revolution in corn hybrid development began. Corn hybrids with added herbicide traits changed row crop agriculture forever. We introduced our first biotech corn traited hybrids in the late 1990’s. Our Glyphosate Tolerant Corn Hybrids are frequently used to maintain structured refuge requirements for other biotech traits. Our Glyphosate Tolerant Corn Hybrids proved post herbicide spray flexibility for farms that need it.

FC 506 RR2 106 days

This early season hybrid has a semi-flex ear style with excellent offensive ability on average and above soils.

  • Medium-tall hybrid with medium ear placement.
  • Semi-flex ear style, typically 16-18 kernel rows.
  • Excellent root ratings with very good stalks.
  • Good Southern movement and fall intactness.

FC 399 RR2 103 days

This germplasm family available in conventional corn with outstanding top end yield.

  • Medium tall hybrid with medium ear placement
  • Girthy semi-flex ear style, typically 16-18 kernel rows
  • Very good roots, good stalk, good late season intactness
  • Exceptional drydown
  • Performs best in its maturity zone

FC 812 RR2 113 days

Unrelated backgrounds in this RM range from our other high yielding choices allow your farm to diversify your genetic families with this outstanding performer.

  • Exceptional late season plant health and intactness
  • Medium tall robust plant style with medium ear placement
  • Long tapered flex ear style
  • Has shown very good drought tolerance
  • Very good test weights on this genetic family

FC 176 RR2 99 days

This early genetic family exhibits good southern movement for its maturity on highly productive and moderately productive soils.

  • Impressive yield for its maturity
  • Medium tall statured with medium high ear placement
  • Long tapered ear style with great ability to flex
  • Superior roots with good stalks for its zone
  • Start harvest early with the newest germplasm available in this RM

FC 690 RR2 110 days

A step change in yield on this 110 day RM germplasm family with Genuity® VT Double PRO® , Roundup Ready® Corn 2, and Conventional Corn options.

  • Very good stalk and roots for later harvest order
  • Medium plant stature with medium ear placement
  • Consistent ears with attractive fall appearance
  • Widely adaptable for its RM
  • In 2012 stress year and 2013 high yield year this hybrid consistently outperformed all other 110 day hybrids

FC 805 RR2 112 days

A must use lead hybrid at 112 day RM for all farms planting mid-season corn.  This widely adaptable germplasm was best of class rising to the top of the yield index in and out of stress in multiple environments.

  • Well adapted north to south in our market
  • Excellent test weights and grain quality
  • Good late season intactness
  • Medium plant height with medium low ear placement
  • Benefits from foliar fungicide