LibertyLink Soybeans®

LibertyLink® soybeans provide a high yielding alternative to glyphosate tolerant soybeans. When used as part of an integrated weed management system that includes the use of residual herbicides, the LibertyLink® system provides excellent weed control that enables non-selective and selective herbicide rotation.

FB 2550 LL Relative Maturity 2.6

This unique pedigree combines high yield with solid defense in an early LibertyLink line.  It is medium tall and bushy and is tawny/tan at harvest.  This versatile variety can perform on multiple soil types and row widths.  Excellent emergence and SDS score allow for earliest planting in your fields. Defensively FB 2550’s are well rounded with a strong PRR, SCN and BSR package.

FB 2899 LL Relative Maturity 2.8

Brand new for 2018! This bean is a top yield performer in testing and also has excellent PRR and SCN scores. The appearance of this bean is a nice gray/brown shade for the fall time. It has a tall height and a bushy plant type.

FB 3303 LL Relative Maturity 3.3

This variety is tall, hardy and widely adaptable for variable soils and all row widths. Gray and tan at harvest with very good standability makes this a winner on offense. Defense attributes include K gene for PRR and a strong SCN score.

FB 3605 LL Relative Maturity 3.6

Medium height semi-bush high performing variety posted outstanding yields this past season. FB 3605’S feature the K gene for PRR and has strong SCN defense. Stacked with STS. Place this light tawny brown variety in your average and above average fields.

FB 3919 LL Relative Maturity 3.9

This later group 3 variety was the highest yielding 3.9 in testing. Medium height semi-bush plant style brings the yield. Very good standability. Attractive light tawny-tan plant. This is a must plant for the group 3 LibertyLink® grower in our market.

FB 4299 LL Relative Maturity 4.2

Excellent emergence matched with excellent standability on a medium height plant. It is tawny brown at harvest and moves north well for a full season variety. The defensive package includes strong scores for PRR, BSR, SDS and FE.