2022: A Year of Challenges & Changes

March 1, 2022

Mark Borden, Seed Specialist

Every year we are challenged by change in weather, disease, insect pressure, markets and so on. If there isn’t (at least) one or two unforeseen surprises, things would not be normal.

Historic input costs are forcing change in crop rotation and capital management.

Fielding inquiries on reductions in populations, fungicides, and fertilizer are hot topics.

With profit management being a yearly challenge, keep your pencil sharpened.

The consistent approach for me is understanding every farm has different circumstances and deserves a yearly review. One last call to your trusted Seed Specialist before you start planting, to discuss your challenges & changes, will be worth your while!

Deliveries have begun, so expect a call in the near future for your 1st Choice Seed order. Thank you for your business!