360 Yield Center™

Sense.  Apply.  Decide.

“Sense what your crop needs.  Decide precisely how to respond. Apply what’s required.”  We are excited to announce we are the leading 360 Yield Center™ dealer in central and eastern Indiana.  Our goal as a business partner aims to help farmers yield the most bushels per acre.  360 Yield Center™ creates opportunities to capture yield beyond the traditional forecasts assisting farmers in reaching the goal of yielding the most bushels per acre.  Over 1,000 factors exist outside of a farmer’s control.  360 Yield Center™ is an innovative system developed by Gregg Sauder, founder and former CEO of Precision Planting, which will help limit these factors through a “from-the-roots-up” systems approach.  1st Choice Seeds is excited to announce our status as a 360 Yield Center™ dealership to provide area farmers with the opportunity to capture more yield potential and give the farmer control.  To find out more about 360 Yield Center™, please call 765.938.3000.


Sense. Start with 360 SoilSCAN™ to understand what nitrates are in the soil today.   Results take only five minutes from sample to completion versus waiting for lab results.  The SoilSCAN is sturdy and portable; it works well on pickup trucks or ATVs.

• Combine a specific volume of deionized water to a specific volume of soils
• Mix soils and water into slurry so ions can be detected
• Measure the amount of nitrate and ions present

Decide. 360 Commander™ allows you to take control of factors that limit yield.  Real-time decision making will help maximize your yield using relevant information about your crop, your field, and your system.

• Seed prescriptions customized to each field
• Nitrogen prescriptions customized to each field
• Variable rate water management

Apply. Take control with 360 Y-Drop™ and 360 UnderCOVER™

360 Y-Drop™ will help you capture yield potential.  It delivers inner canopy coverage for a wider window of crop applications of various liquid sprays.  Turn your sprayer into a nitrogen applicator for corn fields at V6 and beyond.

• Easily retrofit to: major self-propelled spray manufactures, major pull behind sprayers, major liquid side dress machines
• Available in 20″, 22″, and 30″ row spacings
• Multiple sizes allow for wide rand ge of variable rate prescriptions


360 UnderCOVER™ will help you take control of late-season disease and insect infestations with complete coverage.  Each unit operates up to six multi-directional spray nozzles which can deliver maximum target coverage when and where you need it.  360 UnderCOVER is compatible with 360 Y-Drop.

• Diverse design (similar to a football shape) allows for a customized spray pattern and droplet size.
• Easily fits to major sprayer manufacturers.
• Allows for vertical placement inside the canopy and directed spray at the target

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