About Us

1st Choice Seeds® is an independent employee-owned seed company. Our home zone includes Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, but we have a dealer network that extends into 7 other states. We sell hybrid seed corn, soybean seed, private label seed wheat, and cover crop seed. We are a partner for farmers who are focused on raising the most bushels possible per acre.


As the name suggests, providing choices for farmers is one of our highest priorities. We offer more trait and genetic platforms under the same roof than the majority of seed retailers. Without corporate bureaucracy, we are able to rapidly adopt new technologies as they enter the marketplace.


“Being independent means we have no ulterior motive to sell farms a product that is not the best fit. Extensive testing across the mid-west allows us to compare our products to the industry leaders and traits versus no-traits.” – Brian Marlatt


The key to growing a great crop begins with planting the highest quality seed available. The industry standard for seed corn germination is 92%. Our standard is 95%.


We strive to do what is right for our customers. We provide growers with high quality seed that fits their goals for their acres. When things go wrong, we make it right. Our customers have placed their trust in us, and that’s a responsibility we do not take lightly.