About Us

1st Choice Seeds® is a growing independent seed company serving farmers in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and other eastern states. We sell hybrid seed corn, soybean seed, private label seed wheat, and cover crop seed. We are a business partner for farmers who are focused on raising the most bushels possible per acre.

We think the key to growing a great crop begins with planting the highest quality seed available in the marketplace. The minimum germination for our superior quality seed corn is labeled at 95%.  Many of our lots are labeled higher than 95%.  Our minimum germination standard begins at most other companies’ maximum germination standard. Higher quality seed is just part of our unique story.

We know that seed placement is a critical component for farmers to raise the most bushels possible so we sell technology tools from Precision Planting®. We also provide post planting management services to our customers. We are a business partner who understands when you succeed, we succeed. We are focused on making you more profit on your acres because you choose 1st Choice Seeds®.