1st Fruits

One of our core company values states, “The owners and Team Members of 1st Choice Seeds® actively support the communities in which we live and work.” Today we find ourselves in a marketplace where companies use their charitable contributions to promote their brand. While this is perfectly understandable, we are not entirely comfortable with this approach. Our company has never been very public about our donations. However, we do think our team, customers and dealers need to know we are a give back company.

One of the initiatives we began a few years ago was the opportunity for each team member to individually select a non-profit organization in their community to support. 1st Choice Seeds® contributes to the organizations our team members select. Below is a list of some of the organizations we have had the privilege to share our resources with.

Crosspointe Biker Church (FUEL Ministry)  Dash for Derek  |  Dottie’s Refuge
Star City UMC Kids Club  |  Adventist Southeast Asia Project  |  ISCA
Wings n Wheels Hockey  |  Hancock County Senior Services  |  Hancock County 4-H
Rush County 4-H Council  |  World Renewal  |  Fayette Community Foundation
The Path Home  |  Rush County Community Foundation  |  Faith Christian School
Big Brothers Big Sisters   |  Elks National Foundation  |  Henry County 4-H
Boy Scouts of America  |  Turning Point Applied Learning Center  |  Keystone CCYA
Goodness and Mercy  |  Indiana State 4-H Tractor Program  |  Eastern Hancock FFA
Beyond the Walls Outreach Ministry  |  The Miracle League of New Castle, IN

<h4>The Miracle League of New Castle, IN</h4>

The Miracle League of New Castle, IN

<h4>Eastern Hancock FFA</h4>

Eastern Hancock FFA

<h4>Knightstown FFA</h4>

Knightstown FFA

<h4>Elks National Foundation</h4>

Elks National Foundation

<h4>Boy Scouts of America</h4>

Boy Scouts of America

<h4>Lions International</h4>

Lions International

<h4>Henry County 4-H</h4>

Henry County 4-H

<h4>Hancock County 4-H</h4>

Hancock County 4-H

<h4>Indiana State 4-H Tractor Program</h4>

Indiana State 4-H Tractor Program

<h4>Reach the Rest</h4>

Reach the Rest

<h4>Fayette Community Foundation</h4>

Fayette Community Foundation

<h4>Rush County Community Foundation</h4>

Rush County Community Foundation

<h4>Big Brothers Big Sisters</h4>

Big Brothers Big Sisters

<h4>Beyond the Walls Outreach Ministry</h4>

Beyond the Walls Outreach Ministry

<h4>MoRE for Kids</h4>

MoRE for Kids

<h4>Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary</h4>

Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary

<h4>Cincinnati Top Soccer</h4>

Cincinnati Top Soccer

<h4>Oxford Women's Care Center</h4>

Oxford Women's Care Center

<h4>Fayette County Public Library</h4>

Fayette County Public Library

<h4>The Shelter, Inc.</h4>

The Shelter, Inc.

<h4>Posey Township Volunteer Fire Dept.</h4>

Posey Township Volunteer Fire Dept.

Crosspointe Biker Church (FUEL Ministry)

Dash for Derek

Dottie's Refuge

Star City UMC Kids Club

Adventist Southeast Asia Project


Wings n Wheels Hockey

Hancock County Senior Services

World Renewal

The Path Home

Faith Christian School

Turning Point Applied Learning Center

Keystone CCYA

Goodness and Mercy

Oasis Coffee Ministries

Glenwood, IN Fire Department

Rush Co. Community Assistance Food Pantry