1st Choice Seeds Earth Reserve Mix

Our Earth Reserve Mix is a blend of our high quality oat seed plus our proven premium radish designed to scavenge and hold nutrients in your fields. Earth Reserve Mix winterkills for easy management and will build soil organic matter. This great blend can provide prolific forage if required and is an excellent cover for weed suppression.


Field Notes

  • Earth Reserve is appropriately named for what it is designed to do in your fields. This mix scavenges Nitrogen (N) and other available nutrients and stores them up in the plant tissue for your next crop.
  • Earth Reserve is very fast to establish in the fall so it is a favored option when quick cover is needed. It can follow open wheat acres late summer or can be seeded into standing crops. It is a good candidate for aerial application. Avoid planting too late in the season.
  • This mix will winter kill when temperatures drop below 20°F. The residue begins to break down when soils begin to warm in early spring. Your following crop can be planted into the mulch that Earth Reserve leaves behind.
  • Oats scavenge N at rates comparable to cereal rye and AGR. With winter termination the N that is captured is more readily available than spring terminated cover crops for most environments.
  • Earth Reserve can be an excellent forage alternative for beef and dairy.



  • Ratings:
  • Below Average: 0-4
  • Average: 5
  • Good: 6
  • Very Good: 7
  • Excellent: 8
  • Superior: 9-10

Management Tips

  • Planting: Plant 6 weeks before killing frost.
  • Seeding Depth: ½ – 3/4”   Comparable Seed on Drill Chart is Oats.
  • Seeding Rate:
    • Cover Crop by Drill (7.5” rows) 40-45 lbs./acre
    • Broadcast/Aerial Seeding: 50 lbs./acre
    • For Forage by Drill or Broadcast: Not less than 50 lbs. /acre
    • Precision Planting (15” with 5”in-row spacing): 35-45 lbs./acre
  • Control:
    • Winter kills with 3 nights in the mid-teens. If Earth Reserve does not winter kill, apply a combination of one pint/acre of 2,4-D along with one quart/acre of glyphosate at flowering or heading.