eMerge Soybean Program

February 26, 2021

Brian Marlatt

eMerge Soybeans – Summer 2020 – Rushville, IN

The eMerge program is a collaboration with Consolidated Grain & Barge (CGB) for two food grade Non-GMO eMerge Varieties: FB e3782 C STS and FB e3776 C STS. The eMerge breeding program focuses on end use characteristics of the grain. These varieties have desired oil and protein levels while still being comparable in yield performance in the Ohio River Valley. Any grower who can efficiently deliver soybeans to Connersville, IN or Ohio River Terminals can sign up for the program. CGB delivery locations include: Connersville, IN, Cincinnati, OH, Aurora, IN, & Jeffersonville, IN. To sign up for this program, farmers can contact their Seed Specialist or their CGB grain merchandizer.

How do farmers benefit from this program?

This program allows a grower to create additional net revenue per acre through up to a $2/bushel premium for the grain and a lower COGS than an Enlist E3 or XtendFlex program.

How does CGB benefit from this program?

CGB has an obligation to source soybeans that meet the criteria set by their end use customers. These varieties have specific oil and protein quantities required by their customers.

How does 1st Choice Seeds benefit from this program?

The eMerge program allows 1st Choice Seed to provide more options for our customers. We provide many different technology options for our customers, so they can find the right fit for their farms.