Harvest Safety

October 16, 2020

Steve Miller, Seed Specialist

As harvest season is well underway, farmers are working very long hours gathering their crops. It seems that every year we hear of some farm tragedy or someone losing their life in a farm accident during this time. It is imperative that safety is not forgot.

Any time you step out of the combine, always shut the head and the separator down. When around the grain bin, never ever enter the inside when grain is being removed! I find a lot of individuals still do not realize that the grain coming out at the bottom is being fed from the top of the grain pile, henceforth you are standing on quick sand.

Transporting equipment from one farm to the other is another major concern. When on small rural roads especially, it is good to have an escort in both the front and back. Make sure that all flashers and lights are on and working.

It is our hope here at 1st Choice Seeds that you have a safe and productive harvest!

Steve Miller, Seed Specialist


The Woodruff kids watching from the truck as David unloads grain.


“When it comes to harvest safety, the most important thing to me is my kids. I want to set a good example for them because they copy everything I do. I want to make sure they are safe. When I’m in the field, I focus on getting back home safely to my family. If that means spending an hour or so less in the field each night, so I can get extra sleep and stay alert, that’s what I do.” – David Woodruff, Seed Specialist


Max supervising in the combine at the Marlatt Farm.




“Harvest is a marathon, not a sprint. Slowing down can prevent accidents.” – Brian Marlatt, General Manager