Eastern coast farmer barely hit by hurricane Florence

October 2, 2018

Abbey Whitaker, Coordinator of Communications 

Out on the eastern shore, 1st Choice farmer Sands Gayle experienced weather conditions that are less than preferable. Hurricane Florence struck the east coast over the course of the past couple weeks, devastating many in its path of totality. Reports from CBS News indicated that Florence left 343,000 people without power in North Carolina, 36 inches of rain had fallen over areas of North Carolina and South Carolina, and flooding conditions are still at red warning for some coast-side residents.

For Gayle, however, severe weather conditions barely hit his farm.

Sands Gayle with his wife, Bobbi Kae.

“We really dodged a bullet on this one,” Gayle said. “We never once lost power.”

The pressing side of the hurricane stayed more south of Gayle, who is located on the eastern shore of Virginia in a town called Parksley. A run of rain poured down on his farm for around 10+ hours, but never accumulated into anything that would cause flooding.

Crops around the area are still in-tact and seem mostly unaffected, despite the high moisture levels. Any crops south of Gayle, leering more towards North Carolina and South Carolina, have not been fully reported on their current state. It is presumed that farmers will not be able to check on the exact damages done by the storm until they can begin harvest again, which will be after the fields have dried out.