Made To Order

August 31, 2021

Brian Marlatt, President

Made To Order – it’s the title of our catalog for the upcoming season, but also how the business is ran.

Seed is our specialty, it’s what we do. Providing a wide menu of seed is our top priority at 1st Choice Seeds. We are an independent, American owned seed company. At our shop, you access the highest quality genetics from multiple germplasm and trait partners. Our menu is crafted with entrees to suit all appetites. Hybrid corn flavors include conventional, herbicide tolerant, and insect protected selections. Choose from a soybean seed palate that includes Enlist E3®, XtendFlex®, and conventional opportunities.

When you dine at your best local country restaurant, your meal is Made to Order. Expect your order to be prepared exactly as you request from us. We never substitute a different entrée. When you order a “pour-and plant” 1st Blend hybrid, that is what we bring to your table. Do you want your soybeans coated with something special? We have that. Made to Order is our “Chef’s Special”. Just tell us how you like it.

The best part of our workday is serving you and your family farm. We consider it a privilege that you walk in our door. We delight in seeing new and familiar faces at our table.

Thank you for your business!

Brian & Amy Marlatt