New Bulk Bin Addition

December 23, 2019

Kristin Lawson, Communications Coordinator

Exciting things have been happening around the 1st Choice Seeds office lately… we’re growing and expanding! At the end of November, four bins were installed at our facility. Trucks arrived from Western Illinois, each hauling one bin on their trailer. The installation of the bins was a quick and simple process, but interesting to watch. Because of the trailer and equipment, the bins went up in just seconds!

1st Choice Seeds Bulk Bins 2019

Bulk Bins at 1st Choice Seeds

You might be wondering what 1st Choice Seeds has planned for these bins and what other projects are in the making. I interviewed 1st Choice Seeds General Manager, Brian Marlatt, to find out more!

Bin Interview with Brian Marlatt:

Q: What purpose will the bins serve?

A: The new bins allow for more storage at Rushville, as well as added flexibility and efficiency in season, for our most popular soybean varieties. Each bin can hold approximately 2,000 units of seed.

Q: Will customers benefit from the bins?

A: Yes, the bins will allow us to have more seed on hand, reducing time for order fulfillment in season.

Q: How will the bins improve production?

A: The bins and additional equipment will add automation to our seed treatment line. This will allow for more efficient packaging.

Q: Any there any more improvements or additions planned with the bin project? If so, what can we expect?

Bin Project Blueprint

Bin Project Blueprint

A: Additional conveyors and ventilation equipment will be added. The remaining equipment should arrive at our facility late December. Installation of the equipment is scheduled for January 6, 2020. We should be up and running by mid-January. The conveyor system and automation will move seed into the treater from the bulk bins. The new bagging bin will allow for safer and easier packaging of all seed.