Reports From The Field: Fall 2021

October 7, 2021

Kristin Lawson, Communications Coordinator

Harvest time is here! Let’s see what’s happening in the fields…

David Woodruff, Seed Specialist – Harvest 2021

“Last week, a fair portion of farmers in my area got into soybeans while it was sunny. Between rainy spells, I’ve seen some trying to shell corn. I’ve ran some of my early corn varieties. We’re all getting started slowly this week. I’d say at least 70% in my area have done something already, either corn or beans.” – David Woodruff, Seed Specialist in College Corner, OH

“The bean harvest started slowly and the yields are pretty good! The corn yield is good so far too. It’s been too wet in our area, not a lot of harvesting yet. Wheat planting has been slow due to weather too.” – Chris Linville, Seed Specialist in Osgood, IN

Harvest at the University of Tennessee test plot on the Moser Farm.

“Down here in Tennessee, we had a few that started but then we got a week of wet weather… not much, just enough to keep us out of the field. The early corn is at about 17% moisture right now and most of the beans have lost their leaves. I expect the middle of next week to be a lot busier.

The University of Tennessee test plot in Jefferson City, TN has been harvested. The results are in, 1st Choice Seeds has two hybrids in the top five again this year, FC 8503 RR2 and FC 705 VT2P!” – Steve Miller, Seed Specialist in Morristown, TN