Reports From The Field: Spring 2021

May 28, 2021

Kristin Lawson, Communications Coordinator

FB 3723 Enlist in Fayette County, IN in late May.

As we end the month of May, it’s rainy going into Memorial Day weekend. We’ve had warmer weather in Indiana for the last few weeks. Planting is well underway and many in our area are finished, besides the farms that started late due to rain.

I reached out to our team to see how planting is going in other parts of the state.

Some early planted fields have struggled with emergence. Currently, stands on those acres look rough due to freeze and emergence issues. Speaking with a crop insurance adjuster, they are having multiple replant claims on those early planted fields. Most mid-May and later planted crops are looking exceptionally nice. A lot of it was emerged in 5 – 7 days due to warm planting conditions. – Dale Longwell

FC 785 in Winchester, IN in early May.

It appears to be a spring of extremes, record cold followed by hot dry conditions in May. Staggered planting dates have lessened replant, minimal insect pressure. – Mark Borden

Brian Marlatt and son, Max, planting on April 25, 2021. Max made it two acres into planting.

Planting season in Rush County was drawn out longer than normal. Unseasonably warm weather in early April has some growers pushing the limits of early planting dates. These early acres survived early frost, rain, and even a snowfall to establish stands much better than expected. Another planting window opened in late April, this is when the majority of growers began to put their crops in the ground. A cold wet spell challenged this crop but most of the acres made it through with limited replant. By mid-May the soils warmed up for some excellent plating conditions for our growers to finish planting. Well timed rains have provided all the necessary moisture to get the 2021 crop established. Many growers have now moved on to side-dressing nitrogen and spraying. We look forward to an excellent 2021! – Brian Marlatt