Seed Selection 101

January 28, 2021

Kristin Lawson, Communications Coordinator

At 1st Choice Seeds, our product lineup provides seed options for your farm. Options are a result of us being an independent seed company. Instead of offering only one trait platform from only one germplasm pool like some national brands, we access the world’s leading traits and germplasm from multiple sources. Options allow us to place a portfolio of leading genetics on your acres. Options allow you more choices.

Click here for our corn options, or here for our soybean options.

With all of the options available at 1st Choice Seeds, you might wonder how one decides what seed if best for their farm. Our Seed Specialists are always here to help and offer tips or advice. Find out Seed Specialist Chris Linville’s thoughts on seed selection below.


Kristin: What information is important when helping a customer decide what seed is best for their farm?

Chris: Finding out the things that are important to my customer – yield, dry down, standability, etc. – is important to me.


Kristin: Do you normally recommend one option when talking with a customer, or do you give them several good options for their farm?

Chris: I’ll usually start with a few options and we’ll talk through it.


Kristin: What is the most difficult part about deciding the best seed for a particular farm?

Chris: Trying to plan for different planting conditions and weather is the most difficult.


Kristin: What challenges do you face when choosing seed for your own farm?

Chris: Deciding which new products to try, and finding someone to bounce ideas off of.


Kristin: What seed seems to be the most popular this season in your area?

Chris: So far this year, FC 825 and Enlist Soybeans are the most popular with my customers.


Contact your Seed Specialist today to find out what options are best for your farm!