Spring into action; seed is on the way!

February 7, 2018

Mark Borden, Seed Specialist 

One of my favorite roles at 1st Choice Seeds® is coordinating shipments to customers. My goal is to delight the farms that are receiving their seed over the next few weeks.

Our Seed Specialists begin the shipping process with direct communication to the farm. Delivery location, delivery schedule, and unloading equipment is discussed. Safety is a top priority. We know unloading equipment varies regarding weight restrictions, so we load pallets accordingly and specifically for each farm.

We deliver the seed as ordered. We do not switch varieties or requested grade on delivery day.

Documents on delivery day include the information our farmers need, including lot, grade, relative maturity, germination, seed counts, etc.  With the new trait complexities in our industry, we take great care with the documents farms need for their records.

The storage location on the farm is critical to safeguarding the seed delivered.   Keeping it dry, having consistent storage temperature, and having protection from rodents is critical.

This is an exciting time of year for all of us here. We are looking forward to the spring shipments and seeing the 2018 crop go into the ground soon.