Archaic forklift lives to see more seed deliveries

May 2, 2018

Mark Denzler, President  

Smokey lives, and so does Mark Denzler, but this was not always a sure thing. Smokey tried to murder Mark back in 2003, which continued the love-hate relationship for another 7 long years. Smokey, mostly put out to pasture in 2010, has been given new life. But let’s start at the beginning… or at least the parts we know.

Smokey is an old soul. He is old enough to join AARP, but does not have money for the dues. He was the adopted forklift that was sitting in the seed plant when it was purchased by Mark and Joyce Denzler in 1996. Smokey is a fitting nickname. You get the picture.

A growing business in those years, with limited funds, necessitated Mark’s spoiling and doting on Smokey every cold morning in the seed plant. Then came the fateful January morning in 2003. Smokey intentionally exploded his battery while Mark was doing the cold morning ritual.

“AUUGGHH,” or something like that, was heard throughout the land. Narrowly escaping serious injury or worse, Mark knew then and there that Smokey’s days were numbered. He began looking for a ‘buyer.’

The following season, a new fork lift showed up and Smokey was semi-retired. Finally, after selling that facility in 2016, every piece of equipment was moved or sold off, except one.

Yes… you know which one.

Then, a buyer was found! Fortunately for Smokey, the buyer was an old soul also. It was a match that could only be made on a farm. With the most TLC, patience, and money, Mark Myers, an Indiana farmer, nourished Smokey back to amazing health. Smokey spends most days watching others work, and just for old times’ sake, occasionally gets to move a little 1st Choice Seeds® bags around.

In the video clip below (click ‘Smokey Lives’ to be redirected to YouTube), you can view Smokey in use by Myers to unload 1st Choice Seeds® bulk boxes.

Smokey Lives.