Soybean Trait Yield Comparison

September 6, 2017

1st Choice Seeds soybean research plot, located in Rushville, Indiana, contains beans of every variety in their catalog.

Mark Denzler, President 

On September 6, 2017, our company hosted a lunch meeting with many area farmers.  It is always great to gather around a plate of food with farmers.

This past Wednesday was no different.   As we were getting ready for the 2017 harvest, we had all been talking about soybean trait systems that would be available for planting in 2018.

After all the fried chicken and pie was consumed at the lunch meeting, ‘Soybean Trait Yield Comparisons’ was one of the subjects we focused heavily on during our discussion.  For those that actually stayed awake during our 30-minute talk, we then presented the yield performance of the different trait systems we sell.

We sell Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® Soybeans (Xtend); Genuity Roundup Ready 2 ® Soybeans (R2Y); Liberty Link® Soybeans (LL); Conventional Soybeans (C); and Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans (GT).

We have explored the yield comparison data between systems that we sell.  1st Choice Seeds contracts with third party independent testing companies in structured replicated experiments to compare the yield and agronomic differences between varieties.

We compared the same relative maturities for the different traits, and we tested from a late Group 2’s, Group 3’s, and early Group 4’s.

This is what we have found in our ‘multi-trait trials’ over 2015 and 2016:

  • Xtend Soybeans resulted in a 1.2 bu. yield advantage over R2Y® soybeans.
  • R2Y soybeans resulted in a 1.6 bu. yield advantage over LibertyLink® soybeans.
  • R2Y soybeans resulted in a 2 bu. yield advantage over GT soybeans.

Within this plot, there are a wide variety of soybeans that are also found within the 1st Choice Seeds catalog.

There are also two new soybean systems that will soon be ready to sell.  They are Balance™ GT Soybeans and Enlist™ Soybeans.   Both are pending government or export approvals as of the week of September 10th.  Once approved, 1st Choice Seeds will make these traits available to your farm as well.

In 2017, we expanded our ‘multi-trait trials’ to include new varieties, new traits, and more competitive checks. Stay tuned for results soon after the 2017 harvest.

Thank you for your business!

Mark Denzler