FB 3101 G

Field Notes

  • Tall, Rugged, Tough!
  • Performs well East to West.
  • Excellent Seedling vigor.
  • Handles heavy wet conditions.
  • Beautiful Tawny Brown at harvest.

Soybean Ratings

  • Ratings:
  • Below Average: 0-4
  • Average: 5
  • Good: 6
  • Very Good: 7
  • Excellent: 8
  • Superior: 9-10

Variety Description

Tall, bushy, and high yielding.  FB 3101 G is our earliest Glyphosate tolerant variety.  This bean has excellent seedling vigor and a very good defensive package for disease.  Beautiful light tawny tan for an enjoyable harvest.

Maturity: 3.1
Plant Type: Semi-Bush
Row Widths: All
Plant Height: Tall
PRR Gene: Rps 1C
Flower Color: Purple
Pubescence: Tawny
Pod: Brown
Hilum: Black
SCN Gene: None