Chris Bower

Moving all the way from southwest Iowa to central Indiana is no easy endeavor; but to Chris, it was well worth it.  Since Chris grew up on a farm in southwest Iowa, his passion for the Ag industry only flourished further with his career decisions.  After going to Iowa State University for five years, Chris started his career life at a larger seed company, where he developed much needed skills that would end up helping him later in life.  While Chris was still in Iowa, he assisted several different ministry areas at his church.  This is where he started developing great relationships with his fellow church members, and later where he would meet his future wife, Amber.  After becoming great friends and keeping in touch, they decided to pursue a relationship through long distance.  Chris believes that this was due in part by divine leading, and as the classic saying goes, the rest is history.  When he’s not in the office, you can typically find Chris playing golf, watching sports, or volunteering at his church.  Over the past five years of working at 1st Choice Seeds, Chris says that his leadership skills have developed and that he feels more valuable as an employee.  He wishes to continue living life with purpose and conviction.

Position: Production Lead
Education: Graduate of Iowa State University, 1998, B.S. in Agricultural Business

Contact Information

Address: 310 E. 3rd St Rushville, IN 46173
Phone: 765-938-3000
Mobile: 515-450-0564
Fax: 765-938-3005

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