Chris Linville

Chris has never strayed far from his Indiana roots.  He grew up in Osgood and bought his first farm east of Osgood in his young 20’s.  He started off his professional career as a Crop Fieldsman/Agronomist, even though he says that being in that field of work ‘just kind of fell into his lap.’  He met his wife, Tammy, through mutual friends, and together they have a son named Zach and a daughter named Heather.  Nowadays, he and Tammy farm the land they own in Osgood.  Chris says his wife is an extremely important factor in their thriving farm, and he also farms the land with his father and his son.  If he is not in the fields or chatting with customers, you will find Chris working on a pulling tractor or attending a tractor pull.  This is a tradition passed on to him from his father and grandfather.  Chris served as a volunteer firefighter for 25 years and was also a member of his local Moose Lodge for 15.  He continued his passion for education and Ag knowledge at Purdue, and now uses his skills at 1st Choice Seeds.

Position: Seed Specialist

Contact Information

Address: 310 E./ 3rd. St., Rushville, IN, 46173
Phone: 765-938-3000
Mobile: 812-525-4577
Fax: 765-935-3005

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