Leon Bird

When you think of a classy, down-to-earth kind of fellow, odds are you are thinking of someone who mirrors the very wonderful Leon Bird.  In 2009, Leon joined forces with 1st Choice Seeds as a Seed Specialist.  His experiences include an extensive amount of traveling.  Even though he grew up in the suburbs and inner-city of  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he discovered his interest in agriculture when he was a young teenager.  He has developed that passion ever since.  He met his wife, Bunny, in Washington D.C., and together they have six children and eleven grandchildren.  As a young gentleman, Leon studied agronomy, biochemistry, and entomology at several different universities, all to which he credits for expanding his knowledge in plant breeding, genetic engineering, and crop evolution.  After schooling, his professional career flourished, and he even went on to create his own seed company, Bird Hybrids, which was later joined with 1st Choice Seeds.  He is well-known professionally for helping introduce radishes to the cover crop industry, and for changing the perception and greatly increasing the use of soybean inoculate.  During the 1990’s, Leon had the top-performing corn lineup in the Ohio state performance trials, which is an accomplishment he takes great pride in.  His hobbies outside of Ag include hiking, studying, and playing the occasional computer game.

Position: Seed Specialist
Education: Graduate of Delaware Valley University, 1969, B.S. in Agronomy, Biochemistry, & Entomology; graduate of Cornell University & Virginia Paul Tech University, 1971.

Contact Information

Address: 310 E. 3rd St Rushville, IN 46173
Phone: 765-938-3000
Mobile: 419-618-1243
Fax: 765-938-3005

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