Mark Denzler

The old saying, “deep roots are not reached by the frost,” captures Mark’s heart as an Indiana boy grounded in the farm belt where he grew up.  Having journeyed to the West Coast as a young man where he found his bride; and living in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, he found his way back to his roots in the mid-nineties.  Mark grew up in Rushville, Indiana where his first job descriptions were paper boy, corn de-tassaler, bus boy, and camp counselor.  Mark served in management roles in the furniture industry in CA and NC for 15 years.  He returned to his hometown in 1994 to learn and work alongside his father in the seed industry.  He treasures the time spent with his wife Joyce and his three daughters; Jessica, Lydia, and Abigail.  Mark is active in his church community, is a past school board member for his county, and currently serves on his county extension board.  When Mark takes breaks from his day job, you will find him either in the garden, in his wood-shop, or in a canoe on an Indiana river.

Position: President

Contact Information

Address: 310 E. 3rd Street, Rushville, IN 46173
Phone: 765-938-3000
Mobile: 317-691-1656
Fax: 765-938-3005

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