Mark Denzler

As CEO of 1st Choice Seeds, Mark Denzler, has been with the company for 25+ years. A typical work day for Mark begins with planning goals for the day and taking time to touch base with the team. Before 1st Choice Seeds, he worked in the furniture industry in California and North Carolina. In 1994, Mark returned to Rushville, his hometown, to learn and work alongside his father in the seed industry. Joyce Denzler, Mark’s wife, also works for the company; He really enjoys working with Joyce.

“I love what I do. My greatest reward is seeing other team members, and the farms we’ve worked with for decades, succeed and grow.” – Mark Denzler

Rural Fayette County, Indiana is home for Mark and Joyce. They have three daughters: Jessica, Lydia, and Abigail. Mark values his faith in Jesus and his family. He is involved in his church and enjoys woodworking, canoeing, and gardening.

Position: CEO

Contact Information

Address: 310 E. 3rd Street
Rushville, IN 46173
Phone: 765.938.3000
Mobile: 317.691.1656
Fax: 765.938.3005

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