Tennessee Test Plot Results Are In…

November 11, 2019

Kristin Lawson, Communications Coordinator

1st Choice Seeds serves farmers in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and other eastern states. The slogan our company lives by, and our seed, is “1st in Seed Quality”. In our last blog, “We’re 1st In Seed Quality. We Can Prove It.”, I told about my visit to the ICIA lab and how our seed is tested. We also compete in various research test plots to see how our seed compares to the other companies’ seed.

In the Spring of 2019, Jay Moser and The University of Tennessee planted a research test plot with corn varieties from 14 different national competitors. 1st Choice Seeds was one of the companies chosen to be a part of this test plot in Jefferson City, Tennessee. FC 825, FC 838, and FC 787 were selected from our 2019 product lineup. An experimental variety that is not currently in our lineup was also chosen.

Mark Denzler and I were able to visit with Jay Moser this September, before the plot was harvested. We had the opportunity to get to know Jay and take a look at his fields. We learned that Jay’s farm land is some of the longest known, continuous no-till with cover crop land in Tennessee.

“The corn we viewed was planted and cared for, using excellent management strategies. This was going to be a high yielding plot.” – Mark Denzler

Jay Moser - Harvest 2019

Harvesting Jay Moser’s test plot, Fall 2019.

Of the 26 varieties planted in this research plot, 1st Choice Seeds FC 825 variety placed 1st! Our other corn varieties placed 2nd, 4th, and 15th (FC 838, the experimental variety, and FC 787 respectively) when comparing weight and yield after harvest; the variety with the most weight and the highest yield wins. That’s just another example of our seed being “1st in Seed Quality”.

When asked why our products did so well, Tennessee Seed Specialist Steve Miller stated that “It really boils down to knowing the genetics that you have available to you. Then you have to understand the environment and farming practices that your customer has, to help them choose the best hybrids”.