Tips and tricks on making this harvest the safest one yet

September 27, 2018

Abbey Whitaker, Coordinator of Communications 

Most farmers around the area have already started in with harvest for 2018. It can be an exciting and favorite time of the year, but might also keep others up with nightmares of what could go wrong. A key thing we like to express here at 1st Choice is the art of being prepared. That is very much the case when it comes to harvest time too. Here are a few tips and tricks to making this harvest the safest one yet.

  • Take regular breaks.
  • No one can escape mental and physical exhaustion. Although we may wish to be super-human, it is okay every now and then to give yourself allotted ‘breathing’ time outside of harvesting and daily farm operations.
  • Proper safety gear should be worn at all times.
  • Running the risk of dangerous dust, noise, or hazard materials without the proper equipment could cost you more time than you realize. Wear a dust or filter respirator when working in grain bins, especially during cleaning times.
  • Turn off engines, remove keys, and wait for all moving parts to stop before getting out of machinery.
  • Also remember to turn off equipment before making repairs. This can potentially protect not only you, but your machinery from damage.
  • Do not remove safety gear put in place by manufactures, such as guards. They are in place to protect you and are no good once removed.
  • Never enter a bin alone.
  • It is always preferred to have at least two people who are aware of safety procedures when working inside a bin.
  • Ladders should be installed inside the grain bin as an emergency exit route.
  • Staying near the outer-wall of the bin can provide an easier access to ladders if danger arises.
  • Utilize equipment lights and flashers while driving to increase visibility.
  • Remember to take your time and be patient with other drivers trying to maneuver around your equipment.

These are not news flash reminders to seasoned farmers, but can help smooth harvest time and help aid awareness to outside forces.