What Do We Know About Enlist™ Soybeans?

December 17, 2020

Kristin Lawson, Communications Coordinator

The 1st Choice Seeds team had an opportunity to attend the Enlist™ Ahead webinar this week, hosted by Corteva Agriscience. During the webinar, our sales team learned more about spraying Enlist™ soybeans, tank mixing chemicals, controlling grasses, and other weed management tips.

Enlist soybeans grown in our Rushville, IN test plot – Fall 2020.

Below, you can read some of my takeaways, and hear from a few our Seed Specialists on what they learned, from the virtual event!

  • “[We have] the ability to apply the herbicide application mix with one pass application through the field.” – Blair Kramer
  • When it comes to Enlist™ Soybeans, like all soybean systems, it is important to start clean with tillage or burndown before planting.
  • Enlist™ soybeans should be sprayed 14-21 days after they are planted. Spraying weeds when they are smaller is a lot easier.
  • “With the use of COC (crop oil concentrate) or MSO (methylated seed oil), instead of surfactant, we still have a chance to kill larger sized weeds, as a last resort.” – Steve Miller
  • “Flexibility with tank mix partners, including fungicides, offer new options when trying to defeat glyphosate resistant weeds.” – Mark Borden
  • If you are interested in learning about the approved tank mixes for Enlist One® or Enlist Duo®, EnlistTankMix.com is a great resource.
  • “You can now tank mix Roundup, Liberty, and Enlist One®. This is an improvement from last year!” – Chris Linville

Questions about Enlist™ soybeans, weed management, and other topics mentioned? Contact your Seed Specialist.

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