What is Cold Storage?

July 24, 2020

Blair Kramer, Production Lead

Well, its that time of year again… returned seed and carry over seed corn are going into cold storage. Why do we put corn into cold storage? Protecting our investment… seed corn is just that. It’s an investment in the future of all farmers.

Seed germplasm is the life blood of any seed. Protecting that germ is essential to the start of any plant. Heat and humidity will kill any germ.

So, the summer months are detrimental to the seed germ. We all must protect that germ during the hot summertime. Timely return of the seed, and quickly putting the seed into cold storage, protects everyone’s investment.

What is cold storage? Cold storage is just as it sounds. Seed corn is put into a large insulated warehouse that is cooled to around 50 degrees. The humidity is dropped to around 50%.

The seed will be left in cold storage until the first of November. Seed corn will then be brought back to our facility, germination will be tested, seed will be re-bagged into a new bag, and it will be tagged with the appropriate tag information.

Cold storage makes our investment in the seed a sound decision that protects our investment.